After several years of preparation and indecision, the Limited Edition finally made its debut at the CHILLER THEATRE Halloween Show the final weekend of October 2010 at the Parsippany Hilton in NJ. The magazine had a print run of 500 individually numbered copies, which was reduced to around 400 after several were damaged during shipping. Fan reaction at CHILLER was positive and word spread quickly. By mid-January, the remaining magazines had been sold. Regardless, this may have been the end of Undying Monsters, but after submitting a copy to Jim Spence at Diamond Comics, we at last had a distributor. Our original intention was not to reprint the Limited Edition, so an all-new #1 was released in April of 2011 through Diamond. But unexpected demand led to a reprint two months later, and the UnLimited Edition (for better or worse) was designated as #0. The cover was changed to help distinguish it from the original, and a revised editorial, new Brain Busters page (Phantom Photo & Cranium Quotes), plus some new photos were also added. The highlight of this issue is the FRANKENSTEIN 1970 Film Book, a concept first made popular by Forry Ackerman with Famous Monsters Of Filmland, and now a regular feature in UM. Other articles include REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES starring John Carrradine, YGOR - BELA'S 2ND GREATEST ROLE(?), THE DEATH OF EC COMICS, and Roger Corman's THE UNDEAD, as well as regular columns Ghoulish Games (HAUNTING for Sega Genesis) and Digital Screams (LAST MAN ON EARTH).



This was our first issue distributed by Diamond Comics. Published in early April, 2011, it was also our first magazine printed by Consolidated Printing Company of Abingdon, MD. We were referred there by Jim Clatterbaugh, editor & publisher of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT magazine, who also provided us with the specs used for MFTV, which we consider one of the highest quality monster publications on the market. Jim has helped us tremendously since before the beginning, and we are forever in his debt. This issue features our first painted cover by RONDO award winning "Artist of the Year" Mark Maddox, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results, especially after it was nominated for a 2011"Best Magazine Cover" RONDO award. Many of you are probably familiar with his artwork, which has appeared on several of Dick Klemensen's LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORROROS, plus other publications as well. We would like to acknowledge Marc Turnipseed who created the interior artwork (also appearing in the Limited Edition), and everyone's favorite Monster Kid - Bob Burns - who not only supplied us with rare stills from his private collection, but also provided invaluable information for our PAUL BLAISDELL article. Other highlights include NIGHT OF THE DEMON Film Book, WHEN SMALL BECOMES TALL, a Ghoulish Games review of D&D TREASURE OF TARMIN for the Intellivision, CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN, and a fond look back at Topps hilarious 1959 monster card set: YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING!, illustrated by legendary EC and MAD artist Jack Davis.




Released in August 2011, this issue commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth (May 27, 1911) of VINCENT PRICE. Originally planned for late May to coincide with Price's birthday, it was pushed back to August after the decision to reprint the Limited Edition was made. Once again, RONDO award-winning artist Mark Maddox provides another iconic cover rivaling the Demon he created for #1. Joining our staff this issue is Famous Monsters alumnus Rich Schellbach, whose column JUST MY TYPE was aptly Priceless. Also debuting in #2 was Gorespondence (fan mail page). THE HAUNTED PALACE continues our Film Book tradition. This marks the first filming of an H.P. Lovercraft tale, which AIP regardless attributed to Poe. Other Price-related articles include a review of THE MAD MAGICIAN, an all-VP Brain Busters, a history of Vincent's AIP/Poe films titled THE PRICE OF A.I.POE, and A Monster of My Own (monster figures of the '50s & '60s), Ghoulish Games (CASTLEVANIA), and Digital Screams (Milton The Monster).






Published in December of 2011, Undying Monsters #3 provides Film Book coverage of Hammer's BRIDES OF DRACULA; a review of THE CAT GIRL starring Barbara Shelley in her first British film; a look at the Hammer Dracula films DRACULA A.D. 1972 and THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA and their significance within the studio's Cushing-Van Helsing/Lee-Dracula film history; Rich Schellbach talks turkey(s) in JUST MY TYPE; the pasteboard masterpieces of the man who left his indelible signature on Topp's CIVIL WAR and MARS ATTACKS! cards - Norm Saunders; CROWLEY'S GHOST - a short tale of a dead mariner's ghastly revenge; plus our usual compliment of Brain Busters, Digital Screams, and Ghoulish Games (Atari's HAUNTED HOUSE). Special thanks to English Correspondent Stephen Jones for supplying dozens of photos from his personal collection. All waiting beneath another classic cover by Mark Maddox!







Printed in April 2012. To the best of our knowledge (and that's not saying much), this issue marks the first time the Tabanga has appeared on the cover of a monster magazine. Astounding, but apparently true! Our FROM HELL IT CAME Film Book provides more photo coverage of this film-favorite than anywhere ever before. To provide the Tabanga with some companionship we've added a review of the Milner brothers only other horrible contribution: the PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES. Making its debut is our old book review column - The Basement of Bygone Books - featuring the first paperback editions of horror/fantasy writer CLARK ASHTON SMITH (click on the "CAS in color" button for color images of the book covers). Also included in #4 is Steve Palermo's Monster Board Games, Rich Schellbach's JUST MY TYPE, Ghoulish Games (TRON DEADLY DISCS for Intellivision), Digital Screams (5 Blurays from the Criterion collection), and guest writer Ed Gannon's Haunted Audio - Nostalgic Fear for Your Ears!. Ed is a Professional Haunter, so he knows quality spooky audio when he hears it. He has kindly provided a link: http://www.somethingwickedprod.com/audio/horrorrecords.html, so you can listen to excerpts from the albums described while you read his article.
COVER NOTE: This is only the second time our magazine has not sported a Mark Maddox cover. This was by no means his decision (in fact, Mark wasn't very thrilled about it, to say the least!). The artwork began life ~5 years ago, and was intended for what eventually became the Limited Edition. There is a sentimental attachment here which your editor can't find words to explain. Fear not! Mark returns with another spooktacular cover for issue #5!