1. She played nurse Linda in DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN.
  2. Boris Karloff keeps the preserved body of a prima dona in what film?
  3. Which actress played Madeline in WHITE ZOMBIE?
  4. By what other title is THE STRANGE ADVENTURE OF DAVID GRAY known?
  5. Who directed the BLACK ZOO?
  6. He played Lemmie Caution ALPHAVILLE.
  7. What was the first film produced by William Castle?
  8. What was the name of Jeff Morrow's character in THIS ISLAND EARTH?
  9. THE OLD DARK HOUSE was based on what J.B. Priestley novel?
  10. Which two actors split the roles originally played by Lon Chaney in LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT?
  11. In what year did Universal finally release FRANKENSTEIN to television?
  12. Which Universal classic was originally promoted as "The Strangest Love Story of All"?
  13. Phyllis Coates, TV's first Lois Lane, starred in what Herman Cohen horror film?
  14. He produced, directed and scripted the 1956 film THE ANIMAL WORLD.
  15. The 1961 3-D film THE MASK was produced in what country?
  16. Lionel Atwill played the evil Professor Moriarity in which Sherlock Holmes film?
  17. What city is destroyed by a tidal wave in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE?
  18. What is the title of the only horror film produced in 1947?
  19. Which episode of The Outer Limits features William Shatner?
  20. He played Dr. Rossiter in CIRCUS OF HORRORS.
  21. DIE DIE MY DARLING was the U.S. title for what British horror film?
  22. What actor appears in both FRANKENSTEIN and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN?
  23. Mantan Moreland gets "zombified" in what film from Monogram?
  24. They played Zeus and Hera in JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS.
  25. The mindless zombies in THE GAMMA PEOPLE were referred to by what name?


1) Hazel Court. 2) The Climax. 3) Madge Bellamy. 4) Vampyr. 5) Richard Gordon. 6) Eddie Constantine. 7) Macabre. 8) Exeter. 9) Benighted.
10) Lionel Barrymore & Bela Lugosi. 11) 1957. 12) Dracula. 13) I Was A Teenage Werewolf. 14) Irwin Allen. 15) Canada. 16) The Secret Weapon. 17) New York. 18) The Beast With Five Fingers. 19) Cold Hands, Warm Heart. 20) Anton Diiffering. 21) Fanatic. 22) Dwight Frye.
23) King of the Zombies. 24) Niall MacGinnis & Honor Blackman. 25) Goons.



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